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High Line Residents Not Quite So Psyched About Up-Close Sightlines

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Blackout shades, handwritten signs to gawking passerby, and drawn curtains until 11 pm: living next to New York's buzziest elevated park is turning into a drag for many residents in Chelsea, thanks to the meandering corridor's recent extension up to West 30th Street. One of the most remarkable aspects of the High Line—a peek at how people live from two stories up—is bound to rile some feathers, especially among the, ahem, more established residents ("People take pictures and wave at you when you're alone in your home. It's voyeuristic, and there's zero privacy. It's just really embarrassing.").

For younger High Line adjuncts, though, the attention is exhilarating. The 23-year-old waitress quoted in the Post lives in a rental on 28th Street (+Art? 303 Tenth Avenue?) and drinks beers on her fire escape while waving to pedestrians: "They take pictures of me, but I stare at them, too. I wave back."

Wonder how gallerist Marianne Boesky feels about the fact we sneak peeks at her driftwood-framed outdoor patio every time we traverse the High Line flyover at 24th Street?
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