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Another New Nolita Hotel Moving In at 197 Mott Street

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Between a hotel that's just opened, another about to open, and those ever-troublesome illegal hotels, Nolita is fast becoming hotel central. The newest kid on these old blocks will be 197 Mott Street, where demolition is underway to make room for eight stories of hospitality. What's coming down is a two-story box of bricks, once home to the T-Bone supermarket, but sitting sad and empty for the past quarter century. Now it's being chopped to bits and will soon be a clean slate for beds and eats.
The upcoming hotel, as yet unnamed, is from Michael Namer and the Alfa Development team, the crew that brought us the Village Green on East 11th Street. Alfa, under the name First Mott LLC, bought the 5,000 square foot plot for an even $9,000,000 at the end of 2010. The Stephen B. Jacobs Group will do the design, and paperwork at DOB shows it will grow to nearly 36,000 square feet. Down low will be a lobby with mezzanine for a restaurant and bar; seven floors will rise above, each holding eight rooms for guests. Given the proximity to the Brooklyn / New Jersey Expressway Kenmare Street, access should be a breeze.
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