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FiDi's Setai Finally Returns to Market With Lower Prices

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We've known this day would come for months, as the Setai's punishment for destroying the Irish economy. FiDi's Setai (not to be confused with its Midtown name twin) is finally back on the market?with those long-promised price cuts. Prices are 16 percent lower than before, according to Crain's, which doesn't seem like such a large number considering how many rough patches the building has already experienced and how dire the PriceChop predictions were. There are 35 or 40 units left (move-ins began a year ago, and the amenities and restaurant are open) but we only see 14 on the building's StreetEasy page right now, ranging from $750,000 to $2.999 million, plus another six in contract. The average price per square foot is down to $1,090 from the original, pre-recession plan of $1,300. You do hate to see that.
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The Setai

40 Broad Street, New York, NY