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Deed Sleuthing the Royal Tenenbaums House in Hamilton Heights

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Vulture posted this A/V Club video documenting the famous Hamilton Heights home used as the Tenenbaum family roost in Wes Anderson's 2001 film. The four-story house, built in 1910 and immediately recognizable for its brick facade and corner turret, was unoccupied when Anderson began shooting. (His set designers transformed the interiors before he even wrote the script.) Vulture wants to know: Who lives there now, post-renovation?

After a little sleuthing, we tracked the last transfer-of-title to a Sandra Lawrence, who's listed as the seller alongside a Michael Winston from Indianapolis, Indiana. The "sale" for the 3,920-square-foot home went through in September 2010 for a puzzling $0. Deutsche Bank filed a $150,000 lis pendens against Lawrence in 2006, and no previous deed transfers are listed except for one in June 1993 when Lawrence took over the property from a George and Lossie Lawrence.

All of this is to say: 337 Convent Avenue and the Lawrence family, united together and forever they shall be.
· New York: The Royal Tenenbaums House [A/V Club]

337 Convent Avenue