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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1 Ready for Housing and a Hotel

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The Brooklyn Bridge Park higher-ups seem to have given up on the various alternatives to housing that were being kicked around as funding ideas for the park. How do we know? Because the board will soon?later this month or early in August?be issuing a Request for Proposals for hotel and housing across from Pier 1, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. The RFP will will call for two buildings, a 100-foot hotel and a 55-foot residential building with parking. There will be a total of 170 to 225 hotel rooms and 150 to 180 residential units. Developers' proposals will be due in October, but the whole housing-as-park-funding scheme still has some skeptics, including one member of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund who pointed out that a good portion of One Brooklyn Bridge Park remains unsold. But hey, a bunch of TV stars live there now.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201