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15 CPW Developer Finds Buyer, and Major Profit, at UES Pad

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Late last year, developer William Zeckendorf sold his 41st-floor pad at his own 15 Central Park West for a record-breaking $40 million. Then he picked up part of Bruce Wasserstein's old duplex at 927 Fifth Avenue for $29 million, about $3 million over the asking price?which is why we were surprised when he promptly put the apartment back on the market a month ago for $31.5 million.

Still, if anyone can make a profit on such a quick flip, it's Zeckendorf, and the Observer reports that he's done just that. The property is apparently in contract for "well over" the ask; the price might be as high as $34 million, according to one unidentified broker. Which would be a tough offer to refuse, even if it came only six months after buying the apartment in the first place. Any bets on where Zeckendorf will buy next?
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