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Someone Takes Offense at the Townhomes of Downing Street

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Down in Greenwich Village somebody is raging over the uber-luxe living offered at the Townhomes of Downing Street, and to show how they feel they scribbled on the sign outside the trio of tasty townhouses now nearing completion. That which offends might be the mega-price for the one unsold townhome at 26 Downing Street, now on the market for $16,950,000. On second thought, in this day and age, why would that bother anybody? Maybe it's simple sour grapes over the $33 million that was reportedly paid last year for the 12,000 square foot double townhome at 22-24 Downing. Or maybe the rancor was raised by the, um, unique trumpet solo heard in a Downing Street promotional video. On this leafy block there's a whole townhouse of goodies to get worked up about.
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