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$127/Month Village Pad Changes Owners; 41 Bond: The Panorama!

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WEST VILLAGE?Remember 59 Morton Street? We can't forget the building that shocked us with 1,000-square-foot rent-stabilized apartments charging as little as $127/month. The building has just sold for $6.5 million in cash, after the listing stressed its single-family mansion potential. Of course, that potential depends on the building's rent-stabilized units being vacated, so we hope the owner remembered to set aside some of that cash. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NOHO?We've already taken a pretty thorough visit to Noho's 41 Bond Street, but there's always more room in our hearts and on our server for pics of our bluestone buddy. Curbed photog Will Femia put together a panoramic view of 41 Bond's model unit.

[Photo by Will Femia. Click to expand!]