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Sadik-Khan's Nefarious Plan to Install Public Art in Meatpacking

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Though we haven't had the pleasure of seeing architect Karen Bausman's mindblowing Flower Tower rise from the soil of Long Island City, we're making do with the news that Bausman is installing some smaller-scale work next spring in the Meatpacking District.

"The Wall Project" is a series of 24 grass-covered half walls situated in the cobblestoned intersection between Gansevoort and Greenwich Streets. DNAInfo reports that Bausman sited the sculptures based on the uniform street grid pattern created by Manhattan's 1811 Planning Commission, the commission that started it all (and skipped the West Village and some of the Meatpacking District).

"Roberta Moses" haters take note: the project is supported in part by the DOT's Urban Art program, the brainchild of New York's controversial/heroic/demonic transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn.
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