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Park West Village Does Not Appreciate the Chain Link, Thanks

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Park West Village: hotbed of residential activism? Following protests over megadevelopment 808 Columbus and a certain chihuahua-fueled brouhaha, the latest subject of resident ire is a shitty fence running along West 100th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus. Our tipster writes in:

"The fence along W. 100th Street separates the sidewalk from Park West Village's parking lot. The fence has been in disrepair and has been an eyesore for the entire year I've been living nearby, and I suspect it has been this way for much longer than that. Despite the many aesthetic improvements (made by? inspired by?) neighboring Columbus Square to the Park West Village property including new pavers, landscaping, and sidewalk planters with trees, this fence remains a dangerous wreck. It looks like one Upper West Sider is fed up and isn't going to take it anymore, calling others to action. You go, girlfriend!"
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