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Notorious Williamsburg Building 475 Kent Gets Raided

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As if 475 Kent hasn't had enough troubles over the years?there was once a mass eviction at the artsy Williiamsburg building after the owner built an illegal matzo factory in the basement?it now has more! The FDNY, Department of Buildings, and Brooklyn DA's office raided the buidling this morning, according to Gothamist. No word yet on exactly why the place was raided, but the FDNY appeared to be trying to get into landlord Nachman Brach's office. (According to one tenant, Brach himself was hiding in the loading dock.) For once, the tenants might be the winners in this raid: Gothamist overheard one official mutter that the building wouldn't be going condo any time soon.

Speaking of raids on hip Brooklyn buildings, BushwickBK reports that McKibbin Lofts was also raided this week, this time by the FBI. The FBI was searching for residents they believed were responsible for attacks on PayPal, but the people in question actually moved out last month. Whoops!
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