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Wheeeee! Virtual Tour of SOM's Terminal 4 Building at JFK Airport

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There's almost nothing our scalie-loving hearts love more than fly-through renderings, and Delta has gifted us with a moving animation of its impending SOM-designed makeover of Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. It's the end of the line for Delta's Terminal 3, and while the hilarious robot people populating the video aren't convincing us of Terminal 4's superiority, we don't mind the expanses of glass and steel trusswork that are becoming de rigeur for airport architecture (see: HOK in Indianapolis, Moshe Safdie in Toronto, SOM again in San Francisco).

Press reps say the $1.2 billion construction of Terminal 4 is right on track, and the structural steel frame of the Concourse B extension is now visible. And on the economic plus side, senior Delta VP Gail Grimmett said in a statement that the project is expected to create 10,000 jobs and pour $1.6 billion into the local economy by 2014.
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Terminal 4

JFK Airport, Queens, NY