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Another Thought for Willets Point: A Tech Triangle

The city is already seeking developers for the first phase of redevelopment at Willets Point, which will include up to 680,000 square feet of retail, 400 units of housing, a hotel, and open space. But hey, it ain't over 'til it's been built, right? And at least one person is still trying to pitch the city on an alternate plan for the massive site. Jukay Hsu's proposal calls for tech startups and the same science research campus Mayor Bloomberg has been hoping to lure to other spots in the city. The science-y stuff would take up about 10 to 15 acres, leaving another 50 for housing and retail. The City Council's Queens contingent tells the Daily News they're on board with the proposal, but the city's Economic Development Corporation calls the idea a "significant diversion from a great plan" and doesn't seem to have much interest. C'mon, not even for science?
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