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First Look at Bowery's Flophouse-Turned-Boutique Hotel

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Design doyenne Wendy Goodman is sleuthing again, and this week she's got a peek at the recently opened Bowery House, the converted SRO rooming house on Bowery at Prince Street. The owners, one a real estate bro we've never heard of named Sanford Kunkel and one an Italian race car driver, financed, leased, and renovated the building in only eight months.

The utilitarian single room, shown above, starts at $79 per night, while even more basic cabins ($59) really channel that old school Bowery livin'. Another set of dorm-style bunk rooms sleep up to 12 people. Also worth noting that all bathrooms in the hotel are shared, including the Prince Room ($129/night and up), though Carrera marble, heated floors, and high-pressure rain shower heads may ease some of your public nudity fears.

Questionable decor touches include posters referencing the "Bowery Boys street gang, the Skid Row years, and the punks who used to flock to CBGB" as well as dog tags as room keys, purportedly an homage to the soldiers "who once lived here." No wonder the SRO oldtimers have been busting up the neon sign out front with beer bottle target practice. (Eight of whom are still living on the hotel's second floor, according to the realtor who brokered the sale.)
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