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211 Elizabeth's First Flip Politely Requests a $300K Profit

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Eschewing boldface-named neighbors, shiny black kitchen cabinets, the deepest windowsills this side of 1915 and a Roman & Williams pedigree, one owner at 211 Elizabeth is getting out—making her the first flip since the building came back on the market in October 2009. The initial flurry of buyer furor started in '08 before the brick palace was finished, leaving 11 of 15 units unsold. After a renewed marketing push for the "fully realized product," 1-BR, 1-BA apartment 4E was sold in February 2010 for $1,568 million and the current selling price for the unit is $1.825 million. The 16.4% price increase isn't too cocky, considering the building's rep, and it aligns nicely with the 16 months under its present owner. Synergy!
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211 elizabeth street

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY