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Demanding Village Townhouse Sellers Finally Find a Buyer

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When novelist Robert Rosenblum and his wife put their 225 West 11th Street townhouse on the market last year, their standards for the buyer were almost as high as the $8.35 million asking price. They wanted an artist, or a community leader like Barack Obama, who would promise not to gut renovate the house or sell it for at least 15 years. Basically, the kinds of demands one can make with a historic townhouse purchased for only $985,000 and therefore guaranteed to sell for a profit. So, did the Rosenblums find a buyer who met their criteria (which were tougher, by the way, for buyers than for renters)?
A tipster points out that the transaction recently closed, and the house sold for $7.825 million. Not too shabby, Rosenblums! The buyer appears to be Mitchell E. Harris, an investment honcho at BNY Mellon. Hey, there aren't many artists or community leaders who can afford an $8 million Village townhouse these days.
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