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Here Now, a $4,999,999 Penthouse in Brighton Beach

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Our brains short-circuited when we clicked on the listing for Penthouse 2A at 125 Oceana Drive East in Brighton Beach. The 3BR, 2BA condo that the listing describes as "the best oceanfront penthouse in Brooklyn" is also the most expensive property currently on the market in Brighton Beach, with an ask of, brace, $4,999,999. Because the $5 million psychological barrier is really the problem here. The price sounds even more farfetched after a look at the apartment's sales history: it sold for $1.079 million and then flipped for $2.545 million in 2005, but after that early moment of glory, the price has been heading in the wrong direction. The place last sold in 2009 for just $1.325 million.

UPDATE: A PR rep tells us the penthouse is still owned by its first buyer, who paid $2.545 million for the place in 2005. The $1.325 million transaction recorded as a sale was actually a mortgage refinancing.

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