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6-Bedroom Apthorp Corner Unit Slashed in Summer Sale

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The Apthorp, the Upper West's beguiling shitshow, is still selling its gilded wares. 22 listings are up for grabs in its behemoth landmarked building, including that 10-bedroom quadrant and this little piece of it, now pricechopped to less than $10 million from its previous listing of $10.875 million. That's down from January's listing of $11.5 million, and c'mon, what a steal! It's 5,340 square feet of Manhattan's most glorified real estate, a 6-bedroom, 5-bath mini-palace chock full of boner-inducing details: "fanciful plaster ceiling motifs, multiple mantles, and beautiful flooring." Unit #9AB is a high-floor corner, which means day-long exposure to the south, east, and west. (In broker speak: "incandescent halo of light.")

And just imagine what you could do with your own, real, non-Photoshopped furniture.
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