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Motherlode of World's Tallest Buildings, Illustrated by Height

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America's tallest buildings, 871 pages of them, ranked in order by illustrated height. Now this is the kind of internet rabbithole diagram we can get behind! Skyscraper Page also organizes towers by height order in the future (projected for 2015) and the ones currently under construction across the globe. The mindboggling project began in 1997 with the goal of amassing the internet's most comprehensive collection of skyscraper diagrams; over the years, 690 illustrators have contributed drawings of tens of thousands of buildings.

In the list of tallest towers ever built in the US, New York's finest merit six of the top ten, though none of our skyscrapers make it into the top ten across the globe. Freedom Tower, here we come!

Where are the names of the buildings' architects?
· Diagrams of the world's tallest buildings [Skyscraper Page]