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Reality TV Star Thrown Out of Cassa's $20 Million Penthouse

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What do you get when you put reality TV powder keg Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo's Flipping Out, inside a $20 million penthouse at the Cassa Hotel & Residences? A Curbed post! The Daily News brought Lewis inside the penthouse to chat with building reps about how best to stage the unit?building reps who seem not to have known quite what they were in for. Pop quiz! Which of these Jeff Lewis comments was the last straw for Team Cassa?

1) “It feels antiseptic, even to me, a neat freak."

2) "There's no individuality. It reeks of being a spec home."

3) "If I’m spending $20 million, do I want to live in midtown? Or somewhere like SoHo or Tribeca?"

If our boldage didn't give it away, the answer is #2. After the "spec home" remark, Lewis and his team were "kindly and briskly" escorted from the building.
The unit's brokers issued an explanation a few days later: “While Jeff Lewis may be an expert on Los Angeles real estate, Manhattan is a unique global marketplace where he has minimal experience. Cassa architect Enrique Norten is celebrated as one of the world’s great architects, noted for his bold modern statements and award-winning designs. We understand Jeff’s penchant for impulsive statements, however, not all properties can be reduced to his provincial commentary.” Not even if the building's own bold modern architect agrees.
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