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Plans for 33-Story Riverside South Tower Finally Revealed

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Riverside South developer Extell filed plans for 40 Riverside Boulevard, one of the project's last towers, back in 2009. All we knew then was that 530 units were planned for the 33-story building, an impressive number compared to the other Riverside South towers. Now we also know what the building will look like, thanks to a rendering that appears in Crain's (and at right). Architect Stephen Hill of Goldstein Hill & West Architects?who also worked on Riverside South in his previous gig at Costas Kondyllis & Partners?explains that this building is glassier because the zoning rules that affected the other Riverside South buildings have expired. The goal with this one, Hill says, is the "appearance of a curtain wall?cleaner, sleeker and more beautiful" than its Riverside South neighbors. The apartments will be a mix of 1BRs all the way up to big duplexes at the top. And, of course, another set of those New Year's Resolution-friendly amenities.
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40 Riverside Boulevard

40 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY 10069