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Moynihan Station Development Not Going Exactly As Planned

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The first phase of the Moynihan Station megaproject ceremonially broke ground last fall, with plans to expand Penn Station's western concourse and give the Farley Post Office new entrances. But even once the shovels hit the ground, discussions of the project still came with a dash of pessimism, as transit officials started using phrases like, "Even if nothing else happens, this is money well spent." We hope they still feel that way, because the project might be headed for a derailment.

The Related Companies and Vornado developers who agreed in 2006 to develop the rear of the Farley Post Office as retail space now say?with a few months to go until the deadline for the deal?that the plan won't actually work. Why not? Major retailers, including Nordstrom and Target, haven't wanted the space, according to the Journal.
Plan B isn't exactly coming together, either: the Borough of Manhattan Community College refused a proposed land swap that would have created a new BMCC campus at the back of the Farley building. (The developers would have built apartments on the school's current West Side Highway space.) Anyone have a Plan C?
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