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Live in Architect Thomas Juul-Hansen's Old Loft for $5,800/Month

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The bit in the listing prose about architect Thomas Juul-Hansen having designed #4B at 356 Broadway made a lot more sense once we started poking through building sales records?and realized that the apartment used to belong to Thomas Juul-Hansen. He purchased it for $499,900 in 2003 and resold it for $1.225 million in 2005, according to StreetEasy, but apparently the current owners kept much of the Juul-Hansen design intact. And we don't blame them! The apartment was on the sales market for $1.23 million until a few weeks ago, but now it's only available as a rental, for $5,800/month. Juul-Hansen is on tap to design the 135 condo units at Midtown's upcoming One57, so here's an early chance to see into his brainspace.

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