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Introducing Williamsburg's 174 Jackson, and Its 'Rec Rooms'

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Location: 174 Jackson Street in Williamsburg
Size: 8 units
Prices: So far, $459,000 to $719,000
Architect: Papa Architect
Developer: Grand Street Development
Sales & Marketing:

Williamsburg warehouse-to-condo conversion Mason Fisk was a rare recession blockbuster, which is one reason we were excited to see members of Team Mason Fisk reunite for 174 Jackson Street. The building was supposed to be ready sometime this summer, and indeed, listings for half of the 8-unit new construction project are now up (with the official "grand opening" coming soon). Perfect timing, because it means the building can feature in today's Times trend piece about "rec rooms," the "finished, underground rooms in ground-floor dwellings that the city does not consider habitable space," but that many owners use as bedrooms. 174 Jackson has two such rec rooms in its first-floor duplexes. Perhaps not the most auspicious announcement with which to kick off sales?but the building still has those sweet Meshberg Group interiors going for it (and hey, at least the rec rooms have decently high ceilings). A few renderings and floorplans in the gallery above.
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174 Jackson Street

174 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, NY