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It's a Battle of the Staircases at Two Mercer Street Penthouses

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[Photos by William Weber.]

We love a good deathmatch between two apartments in the same building, and the only thing better is a deathmatch with a party. So we swung by last night's shindig at 303 Mercer to check out two very different on-the-market penthouses, #605 and #608. One caters to the younger and more edgy buyer, while the other is begging for a Martha Stewart-type to take over the kitchen. One thing the two have in common: sweet staircases to their private roof decks. So which staircase wins? We photograph, you decide!
Penthouse 605’s staircase, along with the sliding steel doors, is the centerpiece of the living room and gives things a mildly antique look. The roof deck is large but bare and could do with some outfitting. Triplex 608’s Serret-designed staircase is not only continuous top to bottom, but it's capped by a snazzy copper bulked roof pavilion. The skylights and views give #608 a slight edge?but hey, we'd party in either place.

The floorplan for apartment 605:

And for 608:

?Reporting and photos by William Weber.
· Listing: 303 Mercer Street, 605 [Core]
· Listing: 303 Mercer Street, A-608 [Core]