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To-Be-Renovated Hotel Chelsea Closing to Reservations Next Week

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Big changes are afoot at the Hotel Chelsea, which real estate investor Joseph Chetrit is picking up with plans for a Gene Kaufman renovation. Here's a hint as to the timeline on that: the Chelsea will stop taking reservations on August 2nd. Living With Legends speculates that this is a union-busting move on Chetrit's part, since closing the hotel for a year?the timeline staff were given?would allow him to hire non-union employees after the current union contract expires. Or Chetrit could simply be hoping to renovate under the radar. Whatever the reason, between the proposed makeover and the vanishing art, there's a bit of an end-of-an-era feel to the place these days. For those who want to capture that old Chelsea glory, there are still rooms available for the next few nights.
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