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How to Get Your Four Children Evicted in Borough Park

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The six-year divorce battle between Borough Park's sweater kingpin Simon Taub and his ex-wife was finalized in April, but the repercussions continue as one of Chana Taub's tenants is evicted in front of her four children. (Real estate: the tie that binds.) The nastiness began with white drywall erected to split the Taub's family home in two, and rears its ugly head this week at 1259 52nd Street. Chana Taub was willed the deed for the building in 2007 by her ex's father, an act his family now refutes and city records confirm.

Taub leased a 2-BR apartment at #1259 to a Soya Radin and her four children in 2009. Rent was $1,175 per month. The building was hit with several lis pendens in 2010 and entered bankruptcy. Radin claims harassment from other tenants allied with Mr. Taub. The building fell apart. Under Ms. Taub's advice, Radin protested the condition of the apartment by only paying $3.99/month in rent. She did this for over a year. She was brought to court and a judge ordered her evicted. On Tuesday, officials made good on the threat and had police officers remove Radin from the building in cuffs. With her four children watching. Then they went to their grandmother's house. Exeunt.
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1259 52nd Street, Brooklyn, NY