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Is This The Stinkiest Block in All of Midtown?

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A notoriously repugnant stretch of West 56th Street is finally getting the TLC it deserves. According to aggrieved Midtown residents, the stretch between Fifth and Sixth Avenues is a live culture brew of garbage, rotten eggs and sour milk. Yesterday the DOT announced plans to repave the street all the way from Eighth Avenue to Lexington, with new asphalt laid in August. Technical question: can fumes this bad be buried alive?

A Curbed tipster confirms the Eater report earlier this week that Bubby's in Tribeca is the cause of a pervading stench on N. Moore Street between Hudson and Varick, and we shudder to recall the fowl odor living on Broome and Eldridge. Which begs the question: these blocks may represent the smelliest of Midtown West, Tribeca, and Chinatown, but what about the rest of New York?

Our tipline and comment thread are dying to know.
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