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'Burg Residents Still Surprised (in a Good Way) by New Building

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When 568 Union Avenue started rising, the building inspired a love-fest from neighbors used to noise and street shutdowns from the likes of Warehouse 11 and the Giant Fart Cloud building. The project (on the site of the old Manhattan Chocolate factory) is now more fully built and looking glassy, and?good news?the neighbors still like it! One nearby resident, Flickr user mousybrowns, has posted some recent shots of the project, with a friendly welcome note: "I give a big round of applause to the hows of this building coming to be. They were not the 'bad neighbors' that most all the other construction projects around my block have been?.On top of that for the good or the bad, it'll "fit" well with what has happened to our neighborhood post 2005 re-zoning. Hello neighbor, and welcome." Hello indeed.

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