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Downtown's Other Narrow Townhouse, Asking $5.4M

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Though it's not as narrow or even as infamous as 75 1/2 Bedford Street, this house at 35 West 12th Street is holding its own on the skinny townhouse front. With the floorplan showing the building at just 12 feet wide, it's hard to imagine forking out the $5,400,000 it's asking. But then again it's arguably the best location downtown, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue on West 12th Street. Right next door is the Butterfield House, where a 1,700 square foot penthouse just closed for $4,465,000. So in the narrow Village Townhouse Showdown, who wins? 35 West 12th Street or 75 1/2 Bedford Street?

· Listing: 35 West 12th Street [Corcoran]