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Latest Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Wants $3.5 Million

It's been a while since we've taken a look at the Brooklyn Heights townhouse market. The great Willow Street sell-off seems like it was an eternity ago, and the $14M townhouse on Remsen Street still remains on the market. This listing at 3 Monroe Place caught our eye, if only for the numbers at first glance. It's asking $3,500,000 for 4,360 square feet of space. We would say that's a pretty reasonable price for an attractive townhouse in this part of town. Of course, we'd make a handful of superficial changes (columns and carpeting) to it, and the 3 family layout could be a bit of a pain. But it looks like the price is reflecting the downsides. Overall, we wouldn't be surprised if this place garners some interest for townhouse buyers looking to save some money by putting in a little work.
· 3 Monroe Place [Massey Knakal]