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To Avoid New Jersey, Turning an Alcove Into the Nursery

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Katie Wade bought an apartment on East 72nd Street just as she'd met the guy she'd end up marrying. Things were fine even when he moved in from nearby 89th street, but when a baby rolled up into the show things began to seem a little dire in regards to space. A move to New Jersey was appealing, but they weren't quite ready to leave the city. They turned the rarely used alcove into a nursery and now the 850 square foot apartment is somehow housing the couple with baby in tow. A move to New Jersey still looms above them, Katie says “I’m pretty sure we’ll be in New Jersey within a few years. It’s easier in terms of schools, and both our families are there. We’re in New Jersey every weekend as it is.”
· An Apartment With a Little Give [NYT]