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1212 Fifth Avenue Officially Hits Market, Starting at $735,000

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In mid-June, 1212 Fifth Avenue whetted our appetites with the unveiling of its renderings and floorplans. We've been waiting ever since for the starter pistol on sales, and here we go! Reps for the building tell us the project?a fast-moving Durst Fetner Residential conversion of an old Mount Sinai Medical Center employees' residence?got Attorney General approval this morning to start sales. And the building isn't wasting any time, the reps tell us: "sales begin right now." Which means we finally know just how much the apartments will be asking. One-bedroom, one-bath apartments start at $735,000.
Two-bedroom, two-bath apartments start at $1.41 million, 3BR, 3BA apartments start at $2.535 million, and 4BR, 4BA apartments start at $5.1 million. (Unit sizes range from 800 to 3,600 square feet.) There are also combo units available. Will these floorplans sell at those prices?
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1212 Fifth Avenue

1212 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY