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Law & Order Detective Chops to Catch a Buyer on UWS

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We'd expect a Law & Order detective to strategize in order to catch a buyer, and Richard Belzer appears to be doing just that. The actor, who plays John Munch on SVU, has been trying to sell his combo co-op at 60 Riverside Drive since late May, when he listed it for $3.195 million. He chopped the price in early June to $2.9 million, but it hasn't flown off the market. What might help: a New York Magazine piece on the apartment. The potential 4BR, 3.5BA is combined only in the minimum sense of the word, leaving plenty of work for the buyer to do, but, Belzer tells New York, the views are "sheer visual poetry." And there's one other potential perk to doing all the work: Belzer's looking for a smaller apartment in the building, so he'll still be a neighbor.

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