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Long Island City's Z Hotel Finally Checks In, Four Years Late

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Long Island City's Z Hotel originally planned to open in 2007, with Manhattan views and affordable rooms at under $200/night. Two out of three isn't so bad, right? The hotel, with an opening rate of $169/night and a rooftop bar with some nice views, is finally open now. In 2011. Since we once suspected that the hotel might not make it out of the credit crunch alive, we're willing to cut it four years worth of slack.

But does the Andre Kikoski-designed hotel measure up to its early promise of a "Gansevoort Hotel-like vibe" in a not very MePa-like neighborhood? The hotel planned to do that with a basement club, a street-level restaurant, and a rooftop bar. According to the hotel website, the rooftop lounge is open, but the beer garden and the Z restaurant lounge are not. Nor does the website mention that basement club. We'll check back in another few years.
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