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Renaissance Woman Finally Sells Plaza Condos for $19 Million

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Regina "Gigi" Mahon, author of The Last Days of the New Yorker and an interior decorator, put her Plaza condos, #501 and #502, on the market for $22.5 million back in November 2009. The apartments have just sold, for a total of $19 million, and while we'd normally extend some sympathy to Mahon for the PriceChop, this time we're inclined to agree with the Journal that she didn't do too badly for herself. For one thing, she sold the apartments for around $4,985/square foot, a number that compares quite favorably to the building's $3,219/square foot average. (The buyer is reportedly Barbara Garza, director of Coca-Cola Femsa SAB de CV, a bottler.) For another, though the listing was vague on the matter, the two units were never actually combined, leaving the buyer with a good bit of work to do?or a guest apartment the guests might never leave.

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