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Cracking the Decor Code in New Development Model Units

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Here's something we all know about model units in new developments: they're designed to help a buyer imagine him or herself living in the building, breakable contemporary art, funky light fixtures, and all. And, of course, the furnishings in models are meant to appeal to a specific type of buyer. With the help of this week's Appraisal column in the Times, which breaks it down, here's our guide to model unit furniture and what it says about you, the prospective buyer.

Edison bulbs, farmhouse kitchen sinks, vintage bicycles, old-fashioned bingo cages, and unidentified industrial-looking metal objects, as at Fulton Lofts (above): "young, first-time buyers with a creative streak," or "Pratt Institute students whose parents want to subsidize a condo over a rental."

Handmade furniture from BDDW, including graphic-patterned chairs; bright children's room wallpaper; and contemporary art from a Chelsea gallery, as at 41 Bond (above): boundary-pushing buyers who want to customize their space.

Light-colored, low furniture from Room and Board, stools under the kitchen counter, acid green and bright orange outdoor furniture, as at Mercedes House (above): "young, professional, likes to entertain?that bachelor eating his Chinese food."
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