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Inside a Celebrity Photographer's Troubled Soho Penthouse

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The condo board at 95 Greene Street recently got a court order to stop shaming penthouse residents Kenneth Nahoum and Basia Milewicz, who were more than $125,000 behind on common charges and were banned from using the elevator as a result. Now that the board retaliation has ended, Nahoum can get back to the task at hand?selling his combo penthouse, now on the market for the reduced price of $21.5 million. His latest tactic is a spiffy website with lots of new photos, including shots of the motorcycle getting hoisted upstairs. (So perhaps an elevator ban wasn't much of a punishment!) We've collected our favorites in the gallery above. It's a lot to put together for a penthouse with an interested buyer, so does this mean Fabolous isn't putting in an offer?
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95 Greene Street

95 Greene Street, New York, NY