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Harlem Getting Its Newest Batch of Lofts on 123rd Street

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Location: 129 West 123rd Street
Size: 8 units
Prices: $895,000- $1,295,000
Developer: R&B Developers
Sales & Marketing: Halstead

Here comes Phase II of Windows on 123 in Harlem. The first phase was the 26-unit Apartments at 123 which just sold out. There are only 8 of these lofts, ranging in size from 1,441 s ft to 1,892 sq ft. The developers say the success of the first phase was due to the "quality of construction, attention to detail and superior quality of finishes, fixtures, appliances and stone." So it wasn't the Smart Cars? Anyway, these lofts are asking just a hair under $900K to just about $1.3M. Moving 8 units isn't the hardest thing on earth, but let's see how these prices fly.
· Official Website: 129 West 123rd Street []
· Windows on 123rd [Halstead]