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Slice of Dog Day Afternoon History Hits Market, With Roof Deck!

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At first glance we loved this lofty unit at 279 Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace based on the listing photos alone. The bookshelves and kitchen won us over, and though the configuration is currently a one-bedroom, we see potential to fit in a second one on the main level. The roof deck pretty much spoke for itself too. What we didn't mention is that the building is featured in Sidney Lumet's masterpiece Dog Day Afternoon (skip to 2:18). As they say, you can't buy cool. Except this time. How much does a piece of film history in Windsor Terrace with 1,200 square feet of interior space and 600 square feet of exterior space run these days? It's asking $678,000. Considering how much more you'd have to pay a few blocks up, we won't be shocked at a sale close to ask. Practicing your Pacino voice is free of charge.

· Listing: 279 Prospect Park West 2A [Warren Lewis]