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Mystery Writer Sells "Lair" for Under $1M, Complete With Speakeasy

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Mystery writer Harlan Coben might need to find a coffee shop to get his writing done away from the family, because he just sold off his "writer's lair" at the Atelier on 33 West 67th Street. The 700 sq ft one bedroom sold for $745,000, meaning now he only has his 1,600 square foot duplex at The Dakota to come home to. By the looks of it, there are definitely worse places to get some writing done. The one problem? There's really no kitchen. The broker says, "Under the bar is a sink, there’s a dishwasher and a refrigerator. It’s very cool; very speakeasy.”

· Harlan Coben Sells Dark, Brooding 'Writer's Lair' [Observer]