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Buy Roman and Williams' Place in 'Wicked Hot Noho' for $3.5M

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We have a long-standing obsession with Roman and Williams, the interior design firm behind 211 Elizabeth, the Standard, Gwyneth Paltrow's place, and other greats. So when EV Grieve pointed out that the home of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the team behind Roman and Williams, is on the market, we started frantically counting the change under our couch cushions. We're a few pennies (and quarters and dollars) short of the $3.5 million ask, but that won't stop us from dissecting this listing and the floorplan. Here, we'll let the brokerbabble say its part first:

The space has four glorious exposures, sun-flooded light from 14 windows and open south and east views. It features a windowed cook's kitchen with six-burner range, a tranquil living room, a studio, and a walk-in closet. Most of all, it includes all of the Roman and Williams furnishings, collectibles and custom design elements that have made this loft famous. More than a residence, it is a magic environment.Located in wicked hot NoHo, between Lafayette Street and the Bowery, 25 East 4th Street is proximate to great restaurants, clubs and shopping. This property is one of one.
The Roman and Williams connection may be enough to sway some buyers, but the layout's probably not ideal. Though nominally a 2BR, the second bedroom/library doesn't have a window, and the apartment has only one bathroom. Plus, given that all the Roman and Williams "furnishings, collectibles and custom design elements" are included, we have a feeling Standefer and Alesch might not look too kindly on anyone wanting to redecorate.

Here's the floorplan:

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