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The REAL Karl Fischer Unveiled at 482 Greenwich Street

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Last week we showed a sharp and shiny plan for a site along the west end of Canal Street and credited it to Karl Fischer, but a tipster told us the design had been shelved in favor of something new. So we dug around and found the Fischer re-design for 482 Greenwich Street, and it definitely is different. What Fischer hath wrought is a block of brick trimmed in metal, somewhat conforming with the old neighbor to the west. Gone are the indentations and the sharp terrace atop the corner. Also absent is the sculpted panel that rose tall over Canal, a reference to the sculptor Arman, whose studio stood on this site. As often happens, it's real estate reality over art.
The new Fischer scheme shows big multi-paned windows across the entire facade and a cut-away at the corner, with canted balconies rising over the northwest intersection of Greenwich and Canal. Up top is a penthouse clad in metal, set back from the beefier base. The Schedule A filed at the Department of Buildings still shows 10 units and 11 stories, with 3 duplexes covering the top 6 floors. Down below will be a couple of studios, a community center & recreation room, with a wee bit of parking and some retail space facing the sidewalks. The whole re-designed package from the Magnum Real Estate Group is set for completion sometime in mid-2014.
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482 Greenwich Street

482 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013