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Waverly Diner Getting Big Reno; Gowanus' First Seafood Shack?

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1.) Greenwich Village: 6th Avenue's legendary Waverly Diner just got closed. But not forever! The place is undergoing a major renovation and expansion, and should be some point.

2.) Gowanus: Three bros want to open "Brooklyn’s first and only classic New England-style beach side seafood shack" right by the Gowanus Canal. Of course, being enlightened gentlemen, they will try and use recyclables in the construction of the place. They're accepting donations, and if you're feeling generous and decide to give $5,000 you get "A FREE ROUND OF BEERS AND A PLATTER FROM OUR RAW BAR EVERY TIME YOU SET FOOT IN THE DOOR...FOR LIFE!!!!"

3.) NYC: Dîner en Blanc, a giant Parisian 10,000 person dinner party is coming to New York on August 25th. The location is a mystery but our cousins at Eater guess "McCarren Park in the middle of the track or Governor's Island sounds likely."
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