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Goldman Guy Buys at W Downtown for 40 Percent Off

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The W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences closed its first few sales at/near the $2,100/square foot average asking price. But now that the shiny newness has worn off, what kind of prices is the building?which has views of the future September 11 memorial and museum and of the rising One World Trade Center?commanding? Discounted ones!

We noticed a few recent closings recorded on StreetEasy, all for units on the 48th and 49th floors. #49G closed for $1,364,455, a 19 percent discount from the asking price. Downstairs neighbor #48G closed for $1,354,272, an 18.9 percent discount from its list price. Looks like the G line has figured this pricing business out. Not so much for the F line, where #49F sold for 33.9 percent off in early June. (The final price was $1,527,375, down from a $2.31 million ask.) The buyer appears to be Ali Hedayat, who made headlines when he left Goldman Sachs last year. Leaving Goldman and then buying at the W? Certainly an interesting decision-making pattern.
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