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$10M Yves Penthouse Would Like Double, If You Don't Mind

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Last we heard from Yves, one of our Chelsea obsessions, the place was almost sold out. It had been a while since we checked in and it looks like a seller is totally flipping out! Penthouse 12 sold for about $5,700,000 in January of 2010 and now it's back asking a whopping $10,400,000. Holy crap, that's almost $3,000 per square foot! We can't even begin to process the logic in the pricing, but we will say this: wacky shapes can go really far. One thing, we might move that painting in the second photo. It's making us a little...uncomfortable while we eat. Or on the other hand, as a tipster says, "And let’s face it, a potential buyer could always double up on some fun by admiring & frolicking with somewhat homoerotic men from a dining room painting!" Indeed.

· Listing: 166 West 18th Street PH12 [Core]
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