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41 Bond Street Sells All But One Unit in Little Over a Month

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Well, that was fast. 41 Bond Street has sold off all but one of its units, with prices ranging from $5.25M all the way to $8.4M for the penthouse. As the Wall Street Journal points out, 41 Bond is giving everybody flashbacks to the glory days of the Godfather, 40 Bond Street! The units averaged just around $2,500 per square foot meaning that the best block ever hasn't lost any of its appeal for downtown buyers, even if Ian Schrager isn't involved.

One unit remains and it's the townhouse, which we don't see a listing for right now (Streeteasy shows Unit 2 as still being on the market). And what's next for the street of dreams? Ian Schrager says "I'd like to see it go a little bit west" eyeing the block between Broadway and Lafayette. Let the Bond boom continue!

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41 Bond Street

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