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Mercedes House 2.0 Gets Ready for Renters and Buyers

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The big ziggetty-zag of recently available rental units at Mercedes House climbs high into the sky over the western reaches of Hell's Kitchen, but it's still a work in progress. That's most obvious on the project's eastern end, where an unfinished spine of raw concrete and open hallways rises 19 stories above the entrance at 555 West 53rd Street. Before too long the bare bones construction will connect to another 11 stories holding an additional 400 rentals with 200 condos way up high. Now a big crane has gone up to push Mercedes House 2.0 into the condosphere.
This terrace-topped development from the team at Two Trees has been designed by Enrique Norten and TEN Arquitectos to evoke South Beach and the hope of eternal sunshine. Wide expanses of glass are fronted by acres of brise-soleils, all overlooking a decked roof garden down below. A circular pool filled with sexy zen vibes will set the scene. Beneath that verdant rooftop is a swanky new home for the Mercedes Benz sensorium, a showroom bathed in a purple glow facing Eleventh Avenue. A full block front of glass announces that "Luxury Has A New Address." Indeed, German engineering never looked so luxe.
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Mercedes House

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