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$120 Million Village House Boasts Healing Powers, Life Extension

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Well, here's an interesting one. At first we were baffled by the $120,000,000 pricetag for this vacant 29,700 square foot building at 66 East 11th Street. The listing claims that the building will be the first Wellness Real Estate residence in the world. What exactly does that mean? Well after some digging we found the Delos Living website which claims, "The medical aim is to prevent the onset of disease and deteriorating health, restore and repair current ailments, and elongate one's life span through vibrant daily interactions with healthy living features." How? Well, it's complicated but here's an elaborate explanation. Think of it as shacking up with Deepak Chopra, Jack LaLanne and a team of new age doctors.

The building is pretty flexible as "Plans include full-floor units starting at 4,300 square feet, an 8,000 square foot Townhouse triplex with a private backyard garden, as well as an 8,300 square foot plus penthouse duplex with an additional 2,500 square foot private rooftop terrace with unobstructed views of lower Manhattan." We're still more interested in that whole healing thing than the pragmatics. And the price.

Some notable names who are part of this group are Deepak Chopra and former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe. One of the partners, Morad Fareed is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Maybe Slick Willy could crash here whenever he's feeling a little unhealthy?
· 66 East 11th Street [Elliman]

66 East 11th Street

66 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003