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$37.5M 535 West End Ave Megapenthouse Listing Has Landed

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After whetting your appetites with a bare bones listing and floorplan, the megapenthouse at 535 West End Avenue has finally arrived. The pictures can certainly speak for themselves, but do they justify the epic $37,500,000 pricetag? Given the series of massive pricecuts units in the building have endured, we're going to hold off on any speculation. Some staging would help put the 13,779 square feet into perspective, but the bones of this place are pretty gorgeous. Anyone else underwhelmed by the kitchen, though? Oh well, maybe one of Raphael De Niro's famous friends will snatch this place up.

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· 535 West End Ave's Megapenthouse Finally For Sale at $37.5M
· Listing: 535 West End Avenue PH [Elliman]

535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY